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About Us


PT DIJAH PERMATA UTAMA is a new company but has been engaged in commodity sales for 3 years, regularly several companies at home and abroad work with us. Last year in 2022 we signed a contract to ship cashew nuts to India and Taiwan.

Therefore, through this web facility, I as the owner of PT DIJAH PERMATA UTAMA offer convenience for colleagues in Indonesia and specifically invite colleagues outside Indonesia to work together with you by applying for the purchase of our best cashew nut products.

Why Choose Us ?


Quality is demonstrated in many ways by selling and supporting products and services that delight customers, build work environments, and deliver financial results.


Commitment is important as we will continue to give our best because cashew nuts in Adonara, East Flores is one of the best cashew nuts in the world.


In addition to providing good quality products, we also serve with heart, providing a sense of security to buyers until the product reaches its destination.

Biggest Exports

Cashew nuts in NTT are the largest exporting center in Indonesia, with a percentage of 49% exporting cashew nuts abroad.

cashew nuts

Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Maintain healthy skin, maintain brain health, lose weight, fight cancer, improve immune system, maintain eye health, maintain blood health, maintain heart health

  1. Maintain Skin Health
  2. Maintain Brain Health
  3. Lose Weight
  4. Fight Cancer
  5. Boost Immune System
  6. Maintain Eye Health
  7. Maintain Blood Health
  8. Maintain Heart Health

Origin of Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are seeds of cashew. But in Indonesia, cashew apple trees are better known as cashew or monkey guava. This tree originally grew in Brazil which later explorers spread throughout the world.

Our Regional Product

The products below are natural products from Adonara Island, East Flores


The benefits of candlenut for the health of the body is able to smooth digestion.


Copra is commonly used as a basic ingredient in the cooking oil and fat industry.


Another benefit of eating chocolate is that it can lower levels of LDL cholesterol or bad fats.


Acid contains potassium which serves to prevent or reduce high blood pressure.


Vanilla can fight free radicals from the body and exposure from the surrounding environment


Nutmeg can improve the digestive system &; prevent digestive problems such as constipation and gas


Cloves are useful against ignorant radicals in the body that can trigger the development of cancer

stink lily

The benefits of porang rice when consumed regularly are able to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL)

Cashew Island of Adonara

Cashew nuts from our area rarely enter the local retail market because the needs of importers who come are quite large.

We invite colleagues to come to East Flores Indonesia, we will be happy to accompany if there is a work contract.


PT Dijah Permata Utama

We are a company that has long been engaged in the sale of commodities, many goods that we have sent such as cashew, copra, candlenut, Porang. The destination of our delivery buliasa from east Flores to Surabaya East Java.

Our Contact

JL. Kawi 49 Pepelegi Indah housing waru Sidoarjo East Java Indonesia